Read it before you use it.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to walk you through the basics and help you have a great experience with the comb. There are a few essential things you need to learn to get better results easier and faster. It will only take a few minutes and save you hours.


  1. Holding and handling the comb
  2. Holding the hair
  3. Tease techniques
  4. Highlights and babylights techniques
  5. Attaching the comb

1) Holding and Handling the Comb

● When using the tail to section the hair, hold Iro pointed upwards.
● Comb the hair from underneath the section to maintain control of the hair.
● Hold the comb with your thumb in a vertical position. This way, you can work with both hands.
● When splitting the section, place your index finger on top for better control.

2) Holding the Hair

Important note:
Be sure to hold the hair tightly and spread it wide. The section you want to split should be even and firm.
Note that it takes a little time and practice to find the right balance between holding the section firmly and easing it enough to split it with the comb.

3) Tease Techniques

Basic technique

For V-shaped dimension and saturation, push Iro through the section vertically with the tip of the comb going down the middle. Then tease the hair once from underneath the section to create a seamless dimensional blend. Alternatively, place the comb in the same position with its tip in the middle of the section and push it through diagonally. We recommend this technique for thin or silky hair.

Balanced technique

To achieve more even dimension and less saturation, push Iro through the section several times at different split points, varying the pressure and depth. Alternatively, use a combination of diagonal splits to achieve the desired balance of saturation and dimension.

4) Highlights and Babylights Techniques

Basic & Micro-weaving technique

For 60/40 saturation, split once. For 40/60, split twice. For 30/70, split three times. Use the tail of the comb to part the hair.

For babylights or highlights, alternate diagonal and vertical splits. Repeat as many times as necessary to achieve the desired saturation.

Gradient saturation technique

To achieve a gradient saturation, start with a diagonal side press. Then add a vertical press with a division point on the side where you want less saturation. Iro’s unique triangular shape allows you to create custom graphics by repeating the division process at different points and angles.

Highlights and teasing technique

To create highlights with a soft fade, split the section to the desired saturation and tease.

5) Attaching the Comb

Keep the teased section in place by clipping the comb onto the hair. Iro assists you with a firm hold and lets you focus on foils and dye.

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