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Bandido Azulen Hair Remover Wax, the industry-leading elastic wax, offers a superior solution for hair removal. This professional-grade depilatory wax shines in its ability to tackle large areas in a single application, all while ensuring minimal discomfort and reducing skin redness.

Experience the benefits of this premier hair removal method. Waxing with Bandido Wax efficiently removes facial hair, offering up to six weeks of smooth, hair-free skin. No more worries about stubble or unsightly shadow. Plus, the regrowth is often characterized by finer, less noticeable hair.

How to Apply Bandido Wax:
Start by cleansing your skin, ensuring it’s dry before application. Heat the wax until it liquifies. It’s crucial to wait for the wax to cool down to a honey-like consistency. Checking the wax’s temperature before use is a recommended step. Once ready, apply a thin layer of the wax, let it sit for a few minutes, then gently remove it against the direction of hair growth. After waxing, avoid sun exposure or swimming for the next 6-8 hours to protect your skin.

This high-quality hair remover wax consists of rosin, beeswax, glyceryl rosinate, microcrystalline wax, paraffinum liquidum, and talc.

Each Bandido Wax container holds 1000 ml, providing ample quantity for multiple applications.


Bandido Wax is not just another depilatory wax; it’s a high-performance hair removal solution. Its unique, elastic formula allows for comfortable application on large areas without causing redness. Offering a superior waxing experience, Bandido Wax promises up to six weeks of hair-free, smooth skin. Regrowth is typically finer and less noticeable, eliminating the threat of embarrassing stubble or shadow. Remember to protect your freshly waxed skin from sunlight and chlorine for 6-8 hours post-application. Bandido Wax, the 1000 ml industry-standard for professional-grade hair removal.

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